Take a look, at the NEW AUTOMN COLLECTION !!!

New season = New food passion Show !!!

Autumn is put under the spotlight in this culinary Haute Couture Show designed by the Bistronomic chefs of N’Bistro! Be the first to try each new homemade dishes flavoured with a taste of autumn.

Why don’t you start this Passion Show with a colourful appetizers: a butternut velouté with hazelnut oil or with a fig and lardo di Colonnata tart.

You should carry on with digging your fork in one of the main dish : risottos, burgers, meats, fish….

You should finish this delicious show with a note of fruits and sweetness, a dessert as delicious as its beautiful : Brioche French toast style with caramelized apples, a warmed & tasty blueberry tart or maybe a Gianduja chocolate cheesecake 100% gluten free….

You should take a glance at the shooting photos (coming up soon)…

Enjoy a lunch or dinner in a cosy restaurant J

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